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‘You’re not replacing Jack Clarke’ – Sunderland boss delivers ‘important message’ to fans



Mike Dodds is adamant that the absence of Jack Clarke should not be used as an excuse for Sunderland’s defeat to Swansea. While acknowledging that no one stepped up to fill Clarke’s shoes during the match, Dodds refuses to allow Clarke’s absence to be cited as the sole reason for the loss. He takes some responsibility for the tactical shortcomings in the first half.

Dodds emphasizes Clarke’s exceptional level of talent, describing him as not just a good player but possibly the best winger in the league. He asserts that Clarke’s caliber is difficult, if not impossible, to replace.

The defeat has sparked concerns among Sunderland fans about how the team will fare when Clarke inevitably departs in the summer. However, Dodds expresses confidence that the club already possesses the talent to develop another player of Clarke’s caliber. He points out that Clarke himself wasn’t the player he is now when he first joined the club, emphasizing the importance of patience and development for players like Romaine, Abdoullah, and Naz.

Dodds acknowledges the frustration among fans but stresses the need to work with other players to cultivate talent and eventually find another player like Jack Clarke. He urges patience and understanding from the supporters in this developmental process.



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