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Roy Keane Sunderland return would send ‘rockets flying’ as Black Cats still attractive job



Simon Grayson, a former manager of Sunderland, shares his insights on the club’s managerial position and potential player movements. He believes that the head coach role at Sunderland is an attractive one, and he suggests that Roy Keane could be an excellent candidate for the job, citing Keane’s previous successful stint with the club.

Grayson also discusses Jack Clarke’s potential impact at a top-level club like Leeds United, another former team of his. He emphasizes Clarke’s exceptional season and suggests that he may need to move to the Premier League for further progression. Grayson views Clarke as a valuable addition to a club like Leeds, highlighting the attacking talent already present in their squad.

Regarding Sunderland’s prospects, Grayson believes they still have a strong chance of making the playoffs but emphasizes the importance of consistency in their performances. He suggests that a run of positive results could reinvigorate belief among fans and make the Stadium of Light a daunting place for visiting teams.

Overall, Grayson’s comments reflect optimism for both Sunderland’s managerial situation and Clarke’s potential future in the Premier League, while also acknowledging the challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead for both the club and the player.



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