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Cowboys Coach Mike Zimmer Reveals Al Harris Decision



The Dallas Cowboys have introduced Mike Zimmer as their new defensive coordinator, replacing Dan Quinn, who has moved on to become the head coach of the Washington Commanders. The Cowboys had a strong regular season but struggled in the playoffs, especially in the Wild Card Round loss to the Green Bay Packers, where defensive weaknesses were exposed.

Zimmer’s hiring signals an effort to address the defensive issues and elevate the unit to championship caliber. However, there were concerns among fans that defensive backs coach Al Harris might not be retained under Zimmer’s leadership. Harris has been with the Cowboys since 2020 and was previously blocked from interviewing for a position on Quinn’s staff in Washington.

Harris brings extensive NFL playing experience, having spent 15 seasons as a cornerback for multiple teams before transitioning to coaching. He has worked his way up from a defensive assistant to a defensive backs coach, demonstrating his commitment and expertise in the field.

While the Cowboys are still finalizing their defensive staff, Zimmer’s quick confirmation that Harris will be retained should reassure fans. Harris’s rapport with players and Zimmer’s endorsement suggest optimism for both the defense’s direction and Harris’s coaching career moving forward.







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