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‘I’m An Upgrade!’ Rex Ryan on Super Bowl Cowboys



The departure of former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn to become the head coach of division rival Washington Commanders sets up an intriguing dynamic for the coming years, given Quinn’s familiarity with his former team. In the search for Quinn’s replacement, the Cowboys conducted interviews with experienced candidates, including former Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and former head coach Rex Ryan.

Ultimately, the Cowboys decided to go with Zimmer, who brings a wealth of experience, having spent 13 seasons in Dallas, including his final six seasons as defensive coordinator. Zimmer’s familiarity with the organization and his track record made him the preferred choice.

However, Ryan expressed disagreement with the Cowboys’ decision, suggesting that he saw the opportunity as tantalizing and believed he could potentially elevate the team’s performance, especially given the talent on the roster. Despite being out of coaching for seven years and currently serving as a studio analyst for ESPN, Ryan expressed a strong desire to return to coaching and specifically reached out to Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy to express his interest.

The appeal of coaching the Cowboys is undeniable, given the team’s prominence and the vast resources available. Even for someone like Ryan, who has been out of coaching for a significant period, the opportunity to coach such a high-profile team with talented players was too enticing to pass up.

In the end, however, it is Zimmer who will have the opportunity to lead the Cowboys’ defense and potentially guide them to success on the biggest stage in the NFL.



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