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Will the recently appointed Offensive Coordinator of the Cleveland Browns, Ken Dorsey, have a significant impact on the team?



Ken Dorsey, the new offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns, faced a challenging process to secure the position, comparing it to a root canal. Dorsey praised the thoroughness of the Browns’ hiring process, particularly acknowledging head coach Kevin Stefanski’s diligence in decision-making.

The Browns underwent several coaching changes, with the headline being the replacement of offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt with Dorsey. Stefanski expressed confidence in Dorsey’s fit culturally and highlighted their longstanding professional relationship.

Dorsey, a former quarterback for the University of Miami and briefly with the Browns, spent the last five years as the quarterback coach for the Buffalo Bills. Notably, he played a role in the development of Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

The Browns faced offensive struggles in the 2023 season, cycling through five quarterbacks and ranking low in offensive efficiency. Dorsey’s primary challenges include revitalizing quarterback Deshaun Watson, who experienced setbacks due to suspensions and injuries in the previous seasons. Additionally, there’s speculation about Dorsey potentially taking on play-calling duties from Stefanski.

The crucial task for Dorsey is bringing Watson back to his Pro Bowl level and helping the quarterback prove himself as a top performer. Dorsey emphasizes the importance of scoring points and winning games, with Watson’s cooperation in being coached and driven seen as a positive factor.

Ultimately, whether Stefanski or Dorsey takes on play-calling responsibilities, the success of the Browns’ offense hinges significantly on Watson’s performance and ability to stay on the field.

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