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Browns Recall Standout Combine Display From Previous Year



As Day 3 of the NFL Combine unfolds, the Cleveland Browns are actively observing the proceedings. The combine serves as a crucial platform for recently graduated college players to make a lasting impression and enhance their draft stock.

Participants engage in various skill competitions and physical activities, such as the 40-yard dash, passing, and blocking exercises, offering ample opportunities for young talents to showcase their worth.

Illustrating the impact of a standout combine performance, Dorian Thompson-Robinson caught the Browns’ attention last year, leading to his selection in the fifth round of the 2023 draft. The Browns took to Twitter to highlight his competitive spirit, playmaking abilities, and dedication to the game.

While Thompson-Robinson may have been on the Browns’ radar before the combine, his impressive showing solidified his position as a noteworthy prospect. Excelling in passing and running drills, he not only demonstrated his skills but also impressed with his determination and competitive edge – qualities that contributed to his success as a backup and a game-changer for the team.

These attributes fuel the Browns’ optimism about Thompson-Robinson’s future, anticipating further growth as he gains more experience. As the 2024 NFL Draft approaches in late April, the Browns, despite lacking a first-round pick, are utilizing the combine to identify potential targets, armed with the 54th pick and a total of seven selections.

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