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Sherrone Moore Shares Details of His Wild First Interview With Jim Harbaugh at Michigan



Sherrone Moore’s approach to demonstrating his coaching style during his interview with Jim Harbaugh for a position on the Michigan football staff showcases his proactive and hands-on approach to coaching. By taking the initiative to physically demonstrate his run-blocking technique on a chair, Moore not only showcased his coaching abilities but also displayed his readiness to immerse himself in the coaching process.

The anecdote highlights Moore’s willingness to seize opportunities and make the most of unexpected situations, such as Dan Enos’ departure from Michigan leading to Moore’s chance to interview for a coaching position. Moore’s enthusiasm and commitment to his craft evidently left a strong impression on Harbaugh, as evidenced by his rapid rise through the ranks of the Michigan coaching staff.

Furthermore, Moore’s versatility and adaptability are underscored by his willingness to take on different coaching roles within the team, from tight ends coach to offensive line coach to co-offensive coordinator and eventually to acting head coach when Harbaugh faced suspension. This demonstrates Moore’s capability to handle various responsibilities and his ability to step up when needed, qualities that are undoubtedly valuable in a head coach.

Ultimately, Moore’s journey from a tight ends coach to the head coach of one of college football’s most storied programs exemplifies the importance of seizing opportunities, showcasing one’s skills, and consistently delivering results in the competitive world of football coaching.



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