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Pittsburgh Steelers

Pod Community Mock: With the 20th pick, the Steelers select…



As the Detroit Lions’ pick at pick number 29, which is rapidly approaching, the Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft continues to progress. Now that the 20s are formally here, the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing.

After dealing for Kenny Pickett and adding Russell Wilson, the Steelers made a significant quarterback makeover. Though they managed to qualify for the postseason last year, their problems extend far beyond the player in the middle, as they appear to be slipping further and further behind the heavily loaded AFC.

In this mock draft, Pittsburgh’s interim general manager, commentator Piotr S, will have the responsibility of restoring the Steelers to their lofty franchise standard.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Georgia offensive tackle Amarius Mims with the 20th choice in the Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft.

Here’s Piotr S providing the clarification:

Going forward as a team, the Steelers find themselves in an awkward middle ground. Their defense carried their meager offense to the playoffs last year, and the majority of their defensive core is back. In place of Kenny Picket and Matt Canada as offensive coordinators, Pittsburg will use a combination of Justin Fields and Russell Wilson, with former Falcons coach Arthur Smith serving as the offensive coordinator.

The harsh reality for the Steelers is that neither Wilson, due to his advanced age, nor Fields, due to his skill, will likely ever be a viable franchise option in the future. Both quarterbacks struggle with passing the ball over the middle of the field, which has been a major priority for Smith’s scheme. According to NFL Next Gen Stats, Wilson and Fields were dead last and third-to-last in the NFL last year, respectively, indicating that they prefer to watch rather than predict. Additionally, in an offseason move that will complicate matters for both quarterbacks, the Steelers dealt Diontae Johnson, one of their top receiving targets, to the Panthers.

We should take a close look at the 49ers’ desperate need for another game-winning play.

The date is January 14, 2012. We are in San Francisco at Candlestick Park. The 49ers need a touchdown with 14 seconds remaining, down three, and facing a third down to maintain their hopes of making the playoffs without having to go to OT. In the meantime, the Saints can draw a conclusion from this and move on to the NFC Championship Game. We need to look back in time to comprehend how we got here and to fully appreciate what this moment signifies.

“After considering all of this, the Steelers have a solid defense and an enigmatic offensive line. The top four quarterbacks would have been great if the Steelers had been able to acquire one, but that would have come at too steep of a cost. The next best thing would be for the Steelers to get a starting quarterback in 2025, or a cornerstone on offense to support one of these two quarterbacks. That’s difficult to do at 20, so I anticipate they’ll take a big risk on a very, very big man.

Players with Amarius Mims’ stature—six foot eight, 340 pounds, over 36-inch arms, and uncanny athleticism—do not come around very frequently. He doesn’t produce much, but what little tape and measurables he does have is impressive. It’s still a big man’s game in the NFL, and the Steelers can replace their subpar left tackle, Dan Moore Jr., with Mims. The Steelers can have a youthful set of Georgia Bulldog bookends in Mims and Broderick Jones if they start him at right or left tackle. They have the potential to guide the route for the next 12 to 15 years if they both reach their full potential. Build the trenches and good things will usually follow, as the adage goes.



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