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‘Idiots’ – Pundit baffled by Hibs reaction after Rangers controversy in ‘Vile’ nationwide issue



After the Rangers vs. Hibs cup tie, Derek Ferguson acknowledged that there was a problem with “awful” supporter behavior and felt it was the same across the nation.

Ferguson believes the Hibees’ announcement that they were eliminating fan allocations following the 2-0 Gers victory at Easter Road was “odd” given that there had also been problems with the Edinburgh club’s own supporters. The Hibees had been subject to “abhorrent” behavior in the stands.

He called out the “idiots” who are causing the issues and detracting from other fans’ experiences, and he wants more stringent measures put in place inside stadiums to track down and remove the offenders.

Ferguson said exclusively to Ibrox News, “Listen, it happens elsewhere in the nation. I believe that frustration exists there.

Some songs have been sung, and they have been abhorred in ways that are bigoted, racist, sectarian, and terrible. Naturally, we wish not to witness it.

However, I worry that with every club in the nation, there are some foolish people, or barn pots, who associate themselves with the team and ruin it for the devoted supporters.

It’s an odd position to take, in my opinion, because the Hibs supporters’ actions have also recently been under scrutiny. Take the Edinburgh derby, for example, and the foul language hurled at Lawrence Shankland as well as some of the items thrown into the park.

It goes without saying that there is an issue. Considering the technology present on these grounds today, I believe that plainclothes police officers ought to be present. Name these guys.

“It won’t happen immediately, but since they’re wasting it on everyone else, ideally you can abolish this over time.”

Rangers not alone in supporter behaviour issues after Easter Road controversy


Rangers-related It was an Edinburgh derby; Lawrence Shankland got hurled a pie and a bottle opener.

It’s simple to say, but abuse of the kind that is sadly all too often in football stadiums across the nation has no place there. It’s even worse when such abuse puts someone in danger.

There is no defending some of the fan behavior at Easter Road, but the politicized response in which certain teams seem to be blaming others only serves to widen divisions and exacerbate the issue.

While it may be easier said than done, it seems that the only way to really impact the problem is to take a unified stance against all forms of such behavior.



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