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Hull FC loan deals explained as Tony Smith looks for important balancing act



Tony Smith, the head coach of Hull FC, is excited about the addition of Joe Bullock and Matty Russell to the team on loan from Warrington Wolves. Both players are expected to bring experience and depth to the squad, particularly given Hull’s shortage of players due to injuries and suspensions.

Smith expressed his gratitude to Warrington for facilitating the loan deals and praised the club’s commitment to the development of its players. He also highlighted the importance of balancing youth and experience in the team, acknowledging the value of both seasoned players and talented youngsters.

While Smith aims to give opportunities to young players, he acknowledges the challenges of relying too heavily on them, especially in demanding situations like last week’s game against Warrington. He emphasized the need for a blend of youth and experience to navigate through tough situations effectively.

Overall, Smith’s focus is on finding the right balance within the team as they aim to secure their first win of the Super League season, with the inclusion of Bullock and Russell expected to bolster their chances.



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