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Former Chicago Bears quarterback may return kicks, teammate says



Justin Fields is the prototypical dual-threat quarterback, but apparently, the Pittsburgh Steelers want to add a third weapon to his arsenal.

The Steelers acquired Fields from the Chicago Bears earlier in the offseason after they had the No. 1 pick, which they used to select USC quarterback Caleb Williams.

The move was a stunner, though, as Pittsburgh had signed nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson to a one-year deal the week prior.

Upon trading for Fields, the Steelers were quick to say he would back up Wilson – although that has come with much speculation.

But no matter the case, the Steelers are supposedly trying to use him any way they can.

Steelers running back Jaylen Warren said the team is considering using Fields as a kick returner.

“Our special teams [Danny Smith] coordinator was talking about Justin Fields being back there. We’re like, ‘Hold up, hold up.’ We looked at him like, ‘Justin Fields is about to be back there?’ I don’t know. I think it’s cool,” Warren said on his teammate Cam Heyward’s “Not Just Football” podcast.

The new kickoff rules state that players aren’t allowed to move until the ball is touched by a player or it hits the ground, so apparently, the Steelers think Fields’ running ability is useful with the new rules.

Fields’ legs are among the best the game has ever seen from a quarterback – he’s just one of three gunslingers in NFL history to rush for 1,000 yards in a single season, along with Michael Vick and Lamar Jackson.

But, a run-pass option and a designed quarterback run are obviously vastly different than returning kicks.

It also should be noted that the Steelers now have on their roster Cordarelle Patterson, who is no stranger to returning kicks throughout his NFL career.

With OTAs kicking off later this month, we’ll see how legitimate this potential strategy is.



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