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Sad News As Chicago Bears Fire Luke Getsy Due to …..



Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero of NFL Network and ESPN have reported that the Chicago Bears have fired offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and quarterbacks coach Andrew Janocko.

Getsy took over as offensive playcaller after two years of failing to get the most out of quarterback Justin Fields. Consequently, Getsy and Janocko are out. Chicago had a top-five passing offense in back-to-back seasons, but also had a top-notch rushing offense.

Fans of the Bears are reacting strongly to the news, as you can expect. There’s relief that Getsy won’t target a rookie or further damage Justin Fields, but there’s also dissatisfaction that the front management of the Bears didn’t just purge everything. Assuming Matt Eberflus returns to the position of head coach in 2024, he will get another chance to select an offensive coordinator, something that didn’t go as planned the previous time.

Twitter (X) is responding as follows to the Getsy termination and its ramifications:

Luke Getsy had to leave. That much is clear. However, if this indicates that Matt Eberflus will remain, I firmly believe that this was a mistake.#Bears find themselves repeatedly making the same poor decisions.


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