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‘Felt like it was on fire’: Extent of Bronco’s shocking injury laid bare after accidental eye gouge



It’s indeed a serious injury for Ethan O’Neill, as a fractured eye socket can have significant implications for his health and playing career. The fact that it resulted from an accidental eye gouge during the trial game against Manly highlights the unpredictable nature of sports injuries, particularly in high-contact sports like rugby league.

Being rushed to the hospital immediately after the incident was crucial for proper diagnosis and treatment. Fractures of the eye socket can potentially lead to complications if not managed appropriately, so it’s good that O’Neill received prompt medical attention.

The support from the Broncos organization, including arranging for his transportation back to Brisbane after receiving the diagnosis, demonstrates the team’s commitment to its players’ well-being.

Recovery from such an injury may take some time, and O’Neill will likely need to follow a rehabilitation plan prescribed by medical professionals to ensure a full recovery and minimize the risk of long-term complications.

Given the circumstances surrounding the injury as described, it’s evident that it was an unfortunate accident rather than any deliberate action on the part of Bailey Hodgson or anyone else involved. However, incidents like this serve as a reminder of the inherent risks associated with competitive sports, despite best efforts to ensure player safety.

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It sounds like O’Neill experienced a serious injury during his attempt to secure an NRL contract with the Broncos. Getting hit in the eye during a game can be incredibly painful and disruptive, as described in his account to the SMH. The fact that his eyeball immediately swelled up and he experienced double vision indicates the severity of the injury.

It’s fortunate that he received medical attention promptly and that someone from the Broncos organization assisted him in getting home afterward. However, being sidelined for up to six weeks due to the injury could potentially impact his chances of securing a contract for the season.

O’Neill’s perspective on the incident being accidental and not intentional is important, as it suggests he doesn’t harbor any ill will towards the player who caused the injury. It’s a reminder of the risks associated with contact sports like rugby league, where injuries can occur even in seemingly routine plays.


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