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Clement makes ‘bad image’ call amid Dens concerns and details Rangers injury news



In a press conference ahead of the Premiership fixture with Dundee, Rangers manager Philippe Clement provided updates on the squad, reflected on the previous game against an Old Firm rival, and expressed concerns about the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming match due to weather conditions. Here are the key points from his statements:

– Ridvan is still missing from the squad due to injury, but it’s not a long-term issue. However, there’s no specified timeline for his return yet.

– Clement reflected on the recent Old Firm game, acknowledging the challenges of conceding an early goal but highlighting the team’s resilience and positive response in the second half.

– He praised the character and evolution of the team, noting that their ability to bounce back from setbacks demonstrates significant progress.

– Regarding the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming game against Dundee due to weather conditions, Clement expressed frustration at the lack of clarity and emphasized the need for a timely decision to allow proper preparation.

– Clement also expressed concerns about the safety of players on the pitch if conditions are not suitable for play.

– He emphasized the importance of finding a solution to the recurring issue of pitch conditions affecting game scheduling and expressed hope for a prompt decision from the league.

– Clement discussed the possibility of players like Roofe and Raskin returning to the squad based on form, competition, and positional needs.

– He provided updates on the injury status of players like Ryan Jack, Danilo, and Cortes, indicating that decisions about their availability will be made based on their fitness and the team’s needs.

– Clement commented on discussions between clubs and the league regarding rescheduling the game if postponed, highlighting the need for a sustainable solution to address recurring issues with pitch conditions.

Overall, Clement’s statements highlighted the challenges posed by uncertainty surrounding the upcoming fixture and the importance of finding solutions to ensure player safety and fair competition.



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