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Brian Callahan Acknowledges His Father’s Departure from the Cleveland Browns



Kevin Stefanski and Andrew Berry have a track record of prioritizing the well-being of Cleveland Browns’ players and coaches, demonstrating their commitment to doing what’s right. Despite their instincts, they allowed Josh Dobbs a starting opportunity last year. Andrew Berry’s contract reworking facilitated Odell Beckham Jr.’s Super Bowl win by enabling him to pass through waivers.

In a recent move, the team released offensive line coach Bill Callahan from his contract to allow him to join his son, Brian Callahan, who was appointed as the new head coach of the Tennessee Titans. Brian Callahan expressed his excitement about working with his father in a press statement.

According to Brian, it was not a guaranteed decision that Bill Callahan would be interested in moving to Tennessee. Bill Callahan, who was a sought-after head coach candidate in 2023, had multiple interviews across the league during the offseason. Brian Callahan initially discussed the possibility of working together with his father when he was a top contender for the Tennessee head coach position. However, at that time, Bill expressed his contentment in Cleveland and had no plans to leave.

Even when Brian became the frontrunner for the Tennessee head coach job, he assumed that his father would honor his contract with the Browns, delaying their dream of working together. Surprisingly, Bill had already spoken with Kevin Stefanski and was prepared to answer the call for his son.

During the offseason, Cleveland had interviewed Seattle’s offensive line coach, and speculation suggests that Andy Dickerson was seen as a potential replacement for Callahan, although unconfirmed. Following Bill’s release, Dickerson was swiftly hired as the new offensive line coach under Ken Dorsey.

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