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Birmingham City announce departure of head coach Carter



Darren Carter, the head coach of Birmingham City, has announced his resignation.

An official press statement from the Blues this afternoon broke the news to WSL Full-Time. Carter is reportedly going to look for other chances outside of the football team.

In November 2021, the forty-year-old was named head coach of Birmingham City. After the dismissal of former manager Scott Booth, he assumed the role. Although Carter was unable to prevent Birmingham City’s relegation to the Barclays Women’s Championship in 2021–2022, he was crucial in changing the public’s opinion of the team’s women’s division.

Birmingham City lost out on an instant return to the Barclays Women’s Super League under Carter’s direction by just one point the previous campaign. The Blues had an outstanding seven-game victory streak at the end of that season.

Birmingham City only managed one point from their first four games of the current season, seemingly still suffering after their close defeat in 2022–2023. The Blues bounced back and are now very unlikely to finish the season at the top of the table, but they are still in the running for promotion. Carter has made the decision to change careers as the team’s season is all but done.

With three games remaining, Carter departs Birmingham City in sixth place in the Barclays Women’s Championship standings.



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