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Garry Cook confirms three new appointments Knighthead have made at Birmingham City



At Tuesday’s Open House event, CEO Garry Cook of Knighthead confirmed the creation of three new senior leadership positions at Birmingham City.

The confirmation that Mike Rigg will be joining the Blues academy as technical director came earlier this week.Cook and Rigg were coworkers when Cook was the CEO of Manchester City. Since leaving The Etihad in 2012, Rigg has worked for QPR, Fulham, Burnley, and Al-Jazira.

The Blues have elevated Rigg to the top team along with Jonty Castle and Grant Brokenshire, and they have given John Clarke a new position. Since Knighthead took over the team in July of last year, Clarke has been in charge of the Blues’ media strategy.

“We’ve acquired three essential senior leaders,” Cook clarified. Grant Brokenshire is in charge of our corporate services strategy, which spans a shared foundation and consists of purchased services, IT, legal, and HR (human resources).

As our new commercial and operations officer, Jonty Castle will be responsible for overseeing retail, hospitality, and all other revenue streams in collaboration with sponsors and partners.

John Clarke, who you might see around the facility, has taken on a new position as chief of fan experience. John is therefore guiding that team to ask, “Okay, how do we make this a better place?” when you see a fan zone. Most importantly, we want you to have a great day and come support the team.



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