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West Bromwich Albion

West Brom notebook: Cleary update, injury blow, contract calls, accounts suspended, Dike message



As West Bromwich Albion get ready for their Championship run-in, skipper Jed Wallace has called Carlos Corberan’s motivation “crazy.” When comparing Albion’s league results before Corberan’s appointment in October 2022 to their accomplishments since his arrival, the differences are stark. A team that was once terrified of a play-off match is now trying to secure their spot.

Huddersfield Town lost to Nottingham Forest in a contentious match after Corberan led the team to the Wembley play-off final in 2022. The Terriers had strong penalty appeals turned down in the match. Wallace thinks it’s not always the case that the Spaniard has an advantage because of that experience.

“I doubt he could have a greater advantage even if he tried,” he remarked. “He’s got crazy motivation. I concur that Huddersfield wasn’t lucky in that match. He’s a great manager in my opinion, and I don’t think anyone is deserving of the opportunity to manage in a higher level than him. While there is still plenty of football to be played, is there a manager you would like to see in a play-off campaign?

“He’s the manager you want when the season gets tight; he’ll probably watch every game the other play-off teams have watched in the previous two years, and we’d have the ideal strategy for it. You can see that it’s impossible to refuse him.

“The staff members that go above and beyond for us, including the manager, medical staff, and cooks, give you every chance to do well here.” We have every opportunity to perform well both individually and as a team; you won’t always be at the top of your game, but you can tell how hard we try to improve.

Various injury reports

There is an update on mixed injuries at the under-21 level. Reyes Cleary, who has only played in one PL2 game this season because to hamstring issues that have plagued him for almost a year, is back in the gym with the intention of playing in some of the season’s final games. In December, Cleary, who started the 2-0 victory over Coventry for Albion on the bench, relapsed.

It’s believed that attacker Layton Love has sustained a major injury that will keep him out of action for the whole of the season, while Jamal Mohammed, who recently signed his first professional deal alongside fellow adolescent Ollie Bostock, keeps getting better in anticipation of the new campaign.

PL2 manager Richard Beale stated, “Jamal is still injured and will be back for the new season.” “Reyes is back to his full training schedule, but he is still not ready to play games.”

Although Bostock and Mohammed are committed for the long term, Albion is now at a point in the season where they need to determine which of their many young players to let go of and put their finances into order.

“Every club in the nation makes important decisions around this time of year. “In the coming weeks, we’ll get together to talk about the prospects for the young athletes, specifically the under-18 and under-21 squads,” Beale continued. “It’s the nature of the game that some players will inevitably receive new contracts while others won’t. We want as many of the boys to earn contracts as we have worked with. Although it’s that time of year, nature is not entirely benevolent.”

Put Dike First.

Shane Long, a former striker for Albion, would like to see the team get promotion for Daryl Dike, an injured forward who suffered another ruptured Achilles at Ipswich Town in February.

Long has been following the Baggies’ progress from a distance and believes that their depth gives them a significant edge as they compete with their opponents to qualify for the playoffs. Even though Dike won’t be back this season—possibly not even this year—Long thinks Albion has all the drive they require.

“It’s good to see West Brom playing attractive football again; things have been pretty up and down for them over the previous few years,” he said in the Ladbrokes Fanzone. “They’ve probably just dropped one of their previous ten games, which is a fantastic run to be on, especially in this division this time of year.

“The supporters of West Brom, who truly ought to be in the Premier League, are amazing; they adore excellent football. The club is currently experiencing a great deal of enthusiasm, and I’m eager to watch how the play-offs unfold because three of my previous clubs may be involved!

“Mikey Johnston and Grady Diangana both thrill me, definitely… It pleases me to see him succeeding. He truly does make things happen and is such a dynamic player. Another excellent player who has the ability to split teams apart and create opportunities is John Swift. In addition, Jed Wallace, who has always posed a threat due to his extensive knowledge of the game, and their wealth of experience in the back are other factors.

It’s unfortunate to see Daryl Dike out once more due to a chronic injury; in fact, he kind of reminded me of Romelu Lukaku. Having played against him at Barnsley, I can attest to his toughness. He’s a fantastic goalscorer who is difficult to stop once he gets going. However, injuries come along with those long legs, strength, and speed.

“Perhaps the players can unite around Dike’s injury and utilize it as a source of inspiration for the remainder of the season; do it for him… ensure that he’s getting back to full fitness as a Premier League player.”



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