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“We’ll Work It Out”: Graham Glasgow Talks About Jonah Jackson’s Death



Due to a variety of injuries, the starting offensive line for the Detroit Lions was never able to play together as much as it could have.

Even though the play was of a high caliber, audiences were begging for more.

Sadly, Detroit’s starter left lineman Josh Jackson was signed by the Los Angeles Rams during the free agency period. They proposed a $31 million, three-year contract to the 27-year-old.

Graham Glasgow, who inked a three-year, $20 million contract extension of his own, thinks the offensive line can improve and flourish in the future despite Jackson’s departure.

Glasgow stated, “I think we can still be really, really good.” Jonah is a fantastic player, in my opinion. He is incredibly gifted. He’s a capable guard. “I believe the contract speaks for itself,” is what I just said. Many other teams agree that Jonah is an excellent player. Ultimately, it simply boils down to: “We’re going to work, we’re going to pursue it, and we’ll find it out.”

For playing time in 2024, Kayode Awosika and Colby Sorsdal will square off, and the front office is anticipated to recruit an offensive lineman in this year’s draft.

“I believe ‘Yode is really reliable. I believe that he is not truly lacking in any aspect when you watch him perform. That seems like a useful quality to have, Glasgow remarked. “When it comes to O-line play, I believe that people will be somewhat disappointed with you even if you perform one extremely well-done play. I think Colby was a novice in this aspect. I believe he made significant progress. He made great strides, and I can tell that he has grown both technically and in terms of how he approached the game during the past year. From William & Mary, I believe that Colby had a successful year.”

Glasgow did not use Detroit as a negotiating chip.

Glasgow received his extension after signing a prove-it contract in the offseason and having a fantastic 2023 campaign.

The veteran offensive lineman had the ability to negotiate with multiple teams, but he chose to accept Detroit’s offer rather than use his leverage.

“I believe I spoke with my agent the evening before the tampering period. Even in situations where money is not a factor, it is always evident that other teams are interested. Glasgow clarified, “He told me what they had kind of offered.” “I stated that I didn’t even really want to wait to see what other teams had to offer, or to utilize them to potentially go back and attempt to obtain more money. I simply wanted it finished and put behind me.”

The hurt of losing the NFC Championship match

It makes sense that Detroit’s roster is eager for the new season to begin two months after suffering a setback against the San Francisco 49ers.

Glasgow said that one more thing that made him want to go back to Motown was the chance to do so.

“Yes, that was one of the reasons I wanted to return. When you play a fantastic season with a strong team and things don’t work out as planned, I have the feeling that you would like to return. You wish to return,” Glasgow remarked. “You would like to try it again.

“I enjoy playing video games; you want to attempt to finish on a winning note rather than a losing one. The ability to do that and the chance to return and try again, in my opinion, are very great things about coming back here.”



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