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Vikings’ Justin Jefferson predicted to smash WR contract record by $30 million



The Minnesota Vikings recently inked tight end T.J. Hockenson to a historic contract extension, and they could soon make waves in the market by landing wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

On Saturday, April 6, Bleacher Report’s Alex Ballentine predicted that wide receiver Jeff Jefferson would not only earn the largest contract in NFL history for a wide receiver, but also surpass the previous record by $30 million in total value when he signs a five-year deal worth $170 million over the summer.

If the Vikings want to strengthen their squad, they should consider offering Jefferson a contract that may significantly impact the market. They lost Kirk Cousins, which will save up cap room for the upcoming few seasons.

Money isn’t the main concern. The Vikings are qualified to provide that. Nonetheless, it’s important to keep an eye on the quarterback situation. The team may have to wait for Jefferson to commit until he sees who will be giving him the ball because it is moving on from Cousins.

Justin Jefferson Has Good Chance of Setting Every Contract Record for NFL Wide Receivers With Next Deal

Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings’ Justin Jefferson is a GettyWide receiver.

Jefferson is almost certain to become the highest-paid wide receiver in league history, according to a report from ESPN’s Dan Graziano in early March.

When Jefferson signs, Graziano said that he would “certainly set the top of the receiver market, and his deal is certain to pay him more than $30 million per year.” “How much more is the question.”

In March 2022, Davante Adams inked a five-year contract worth a total of $140 million (or $28 million per year) with the Los Vegas Raiders. This is still the highest amount ever associated with a receiver deal.Only days later, wide receiver Tyreek Hill signed a $120 million contract with the Miami Dolphins, which is the biggest average yearly salary any wideout has ever received from an NFL team. The deal is good for four seasons.

Ballentine estimated that Jefferson will sign a five-year contract of $170 million, which would put the former All-Pro player for the Vikings $30 million richer overall and $4 million richer annually ($34 million annually) than Hill’s contract in South Florida.

Securing the highest total guaranteed money of any receiver in history is another, and possibly more significant, way that Jefferson can create history.In June 2022, Cooper Kupp, a player with the Los Angeles Rams, signed a three-year, $80.1 million contract with a $75 million guarantee.

Just looking at the whole amount alone, it is almost a given that Jefferson, should he sign the deal that Ballentine anticipated, will come with guarantees totaling over $75 million. In the current context of contract negotiations, NFL players at all positions want higher guaranteed money, and Cousins, Jefferson’s former colleague, has been one of the most successful players in this area over the past ten years.

Vikings’ Lack of Franchise QB Affords Justin Jefferson Even More Leverage in Contract Negotiations

Washington Commanders, Minnesota Vikings, Justin Jefferson

The Minnesota Vikings’ Justin Jefferson is a GettyWide receiver.

After just four seasons, Jefferson became a three-time Pro Bowler and one-time All-Pro, so he probably doesn’t need much more leverage to get Minnesota to make a historic trade. However, Cousins has been able to afford some thanks to his free agency departure to the Atlanta Falcons and the Vikings’ position in the draft later this month.

In an attempt to move up the board into the top five and select a franchise quarterback, Minnesota has the right to select Nos. 11 and 23, which the team may bundle with a future first-round selection. The Vikings can attempt to come to an arrangement with the Arizona Cardinals at No. 4, the New England Patriots at No. 3, and the Los Angeles Chargers at No. 5.

Though it’s unknown currently who Minnesota would take first, according to many ESPN insiders’ mock drafts, J.J. McCarthy of Michigan and Drake Maye of North Carolina are the most likely to be available in the picks Nos. 3-5 range.

The public is also unaware of Jefferson’s preferences, but it defies logic to think that the Vikings front office and coaching staff won’t at the very least confer with Jefferson before selection night on April 26.



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