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Hearts & Hibs UEFA coefficient score compared to other UK clubs including Rangers, Celtic, Man Utd & Liverpool



In the upcoming weeks and months, Scottish football may suffer a severe blow. Currently, winning the Premiership ensures a spot in the Champions League, but how long will that last?

Rangers were the last remaining hope for Scotland to succeed on the continent, but Benfica eliminated them from the Europa League. Although the Gers had few sympathizers outside of Ibrox, the possible fallout from their defeat may be far more severe.

Scotland might lose their automatic Champions League spot, which is worth almost £30 million a season just for qualifying, if they fall further down the coefficient rankings. Viktoria Plzen is still in the Conference League, and the Czech Republic is breathing down their necks.

When Fiorentina and Celtic play in the quarterfinals on April 11, supporters of Rangers and Celtic in particular will be cheering them on. How do the various clubs rank, though?

Some Premiership clubs rank among the top 20 UK teams on UEFA’s coefficient ranking, which may surprise you. For many people south of the border, European football is unattainable due to the dominance of the “big six” in the Premier League.

The Edinburgh News has examined Hearts’ and Hibs’ performance in comparison to other English clubs.

UEFA coefficient ranking: 1


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