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Baltimore Ravens

Tutan Reyes Emphasizes Chiefs Must Duplicate Game Plan Used Against Ravens for Super Bowl Victory.



The key to the Kansas City Chiefs’ potential victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the upcoming Super Bowl lies in their successful strategy against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship. The Chiefs managed to limit the Ravens to just 81 rushing yards, a remarkable feat considering Baltimore’s strong running game throughout the season. Tutan Reyes and Takeo Spikes discuss this defensive success on Behind the Mask, emphasizing the importance of replicating it against the 49ers.

In a recent discussion on Behind the Mask, Tutan Reyes expressed confidence in Chris McCaffrey’s talent but highlighted the Chiefs’ defensive ability to mirror their impressive performance against the Ravens. The Ravens, who boasted one of the best run games of the season, were effectively stifled by the Chiefs, presenting a winning formula for Kansas City.

This defensive prowess, if repeated against the 49ers by stopping Christian McCaffrey and disrupting designed runs for Deebo Samuel, could potentially secure the Chiefs their third Lombardi Trophy in the last five years.

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