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Top’s ten-word Leicester City comment said it all as Premier League parade signals new era



There’s no better location for the newest celebration than Leicester’s renowned clock tower, which is located in the heart of the amazing city.

The city gathered together to celebrate the newest accomplishment of its football team for the third time in the last ten years (it would have been four if it weren’t for Covid, which made the FA Cup one impossible).

Leicester City supporters should be happy about this season, which has been extraordinary under Enzo Maresca, just a year after the heartbreak of relegation. And that’s exactly what they did.

The music was blaring, indicating that the city was ready for a celebration, even three hours before the players emerged onto the balcony and started for the clock tower. People were already congregating around the clock tower, humming with excitement as they saw their heroes for the final time this season (and, in some cases, for eternity).

The English weather even cooperated for a change. As the busses approached their destination, the anticipation among the crowd grew more as the sun beamed down on them.

Seeking a peek of the approaching busses, everyone strained to get a better look and raised their phones high. Although there was a slight wait before the players and personnel emerged onto the balcony above the audience, the wait was well worth it.

The team trailed behind Maresca and chairman AIyawatt “Top” Srivaddhanaprabha with the Championship trophy.The two players that remained from the previous procession in Victoria Park, Jamie Vardy and Marc Albrighton, were the center of attention, as they should be.

Under Vardy’s leadership, supporters screamed “10 more years” for Albrighton, then repeated the recent months-long song for Vardy. When asked about their future plans, both acted evasively.

Relatively seldom seen, Top also grabbed the microphone to thank the audience for their support. “We have returned to our rightful place in the Premier League,” he declared.

With a potential point deduction, City will be the underdogs in the forthcoming campaign. However, considering how much the season has done to undo the harm from just a year ago, that might be something they could utilize.

Relegation usually causes a team’s relationship with its supporters to deteriorate, and this was seen in the previous season. However, the past two days’ festivities have demonstrated that the connection has returned.

Although this was not the first bus parade that Leicester has organized, Maresca seems genuinely startled by the attendance. The festivities that have followed our promotion a little more than a week ago give us hope that we have our club back and a caring squad.

Albrighton’s comment, “What a club, what a City,” perfectly summed up the circumstances and the day.



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