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Tom Wagner’s Birmingham City philosophy centres around one word – and a new stadium is crucial



Income. Income. Income. That phrase echoed in my ears after spending thirty minutes with Birmingham City owner Tom Wagner on Tuesday.

While the “R” word must be dominating the minds of Blues supporters right now, Wagner and his Knighthead cohorts are totally focused on increasing money.Their ambitious plan to transform a consistently underperforming Championship team into a Premier League staple revolves upon the construction of a brand-new stadium and Sports Quarter in the center of Birmingham.

While some people may chuckle, others may be skeptical, which makes sense given the years of pain and mistrust brought on by prior ownership groups. Nevertheless, Wagner has a plan, and we are now all aware of it. The outcome of the plan’s implementation will dictate Blues’ course for the next ten years.

The new arena serves more than simply Birmingham City. Wagner envisions it serving as the site of major international athletic events, like NFL games and World Cup matches. Sports-related events are also a given.

Most importantly, every cent the team receives from activities held at its new stadium will increase its finances. If – and this is a big if – Taylor Swift, for instance, performs to a packed house in the Sports Quarter, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Blues will wind up very well.

Wagner stated that Knighthead is on track to double Blues’ revenue from £20 million to £40 million in just a year in an interview with BBC WM. A significant portion of such money came from Knighthead’s contract with the Blues for name rights. Nowadays, social media impressions are what determine a player’s salary.

Knighthead has demonstrated their willingness to stop at nothing to boost sales. A new financial stratosphere will become accessible with the construction of the stadium.



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