Following the official confirmation on Wednesday, February 28, of Shilen Patel’s takeover at West Brom, Tom Ross has responded.

It appears that West Bromwich Albion fans are elated by the news of Guochuan Lai’s departure from the club and Shilen Patel’s takeover. This change in ownership is viewed as a significant positive development, signaling the beginning of a new era at The Hawthorns.

Fans are hopeful that the club can now move forward with confidence, especially considering the challenges faced during Lai’s ownership. There’s a sense of optimism among supporters, who believe that Patel’s ownership could pave the way for West Brom to return to the Premier League.

The takeover is seen as a major boost for the club, particularly as they aim to secure a playoff spot and potentially earn promotion. With the financial constraints of previous seasons and limited transfer activity, fans are looking forward to seeing the club build its squad under new ownership.

Overall, the news of Shilen Patel’s takeover has generated excitement and hope among West Brom fans, who are eager to see their club progress and compete at the highest level once again.