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The message Michael Beale ‘really wanted to send’ players and fans ahead of crucial Sunderland fixture



Michael Beale, manager of Sunderland, is emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and bouncing back quickly from their recent defeat to Huddersfield Town as they prepare to face Birmingham City.

Despite dropping points in the midweek fixture and facing challenges such as Patrick Roberts’ hamstring injury, Beale remains confident in his team’s abilities. He acknowledges the tight competition in the league, with several teams vying for the top six spots, but believes in his squad’s resilience and mental strength.

Beale stresses the need for his team to reset and focus on the upcoming match against Birmingham City. He emphasizes the relentless nature of the league and the importance of sticking to their strengths.

The manager highlights the importance of accumulating points leading up to the March international break and acknowledges that every game is crucial in the race for promotion. He remains optimistic about Sunderland’s chances and believes they can replicate their late-season surge from the previous year.

Beale concludes by stating that every three points are vital, even if perfection may not be achievable. He emphasizes the need for strong mentality and determination as they approach each game.

Regarding potential squad changes, Beale mentions Callum Styles’ possible debut from the bench, indicating that a final decision will be made after training.



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