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Sunderland’s Championship rivals announce £105m investment in statement move



The Championship opponents of Sunderland have announced a £105 million investment package.

The Tractor Boys are currently vying for promotion to the Premier League, and US-based private equity firm Bright Path Sports Partners has invested in Ipswich Town. Ipswich claims that the investment, which could reach £105 million, will secure a 40% stake and is a “exciting step which will further secure the club’s future.”

Majority owner Ed Schwartz stated: “We bought Ipswich Town in 2021 with the original goal of getting the team back to the Championship and making this level competitive, with the plan always involving bringing a partner on board when the time was appropriate.

Because of the club’s advancement, we believe the moment is right, and we are thrilled to have Bright Path Sports join us. We are thrilled that Mark Ashton has extended his commitment to the club, and we look forward to Bright Path contributing significantly to Ipswich Town in the years to come. Mark Ashton will continue to oversee the team on a daily basis.

“We are pleased to welcome Bright Path Sports on what is another historic day in the Club’s history,” stated Ipswich Town CEO Mark Ashton.

“With the help of Bright Path’s investors and their vast array of abilities and experiences, we will be able to advance the Football Club and further safeguard its long-term future on this day.

“The investment will benefit the Club in the medium and long term, but it will be most immediately used to fund several important infrastructure projects, including as the extensive renovation of the training facility at Playford Road.”



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