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Striker in loan to buy move from South America report, he’s a familiar Rangers face



It seems that Alfredo Morelos is attracting attention once again, this time with reports suggesting a potential move back to Europe despite finding success with Santos. Morelos, a former hero at Rangers, has been instrumental in his recent performances for Santos, including playing a crucial role in their last victory.

During his time at Rangers, Morelos was consistently linked with some of the top clubs in Europe, indicating his talent and potential. However, according to The Glasgow Times, the latest rumors suggest that staying at Santos could be a more favorable option for him.

It’s not uncommon for talented players to attract interest from multiple clubs, and Morelos’s situation seems to be no different. Whether he chooses to remain at Santos or entertain offers from European clubs will ultimately depend on various factors, including his personal preferences, career aspirations, and the opportunities presented to him.

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Alfredo Morelos could be jumping ship from Santos

It appears that Alfredo Morelos has faced a series of challenges and uncertainties regarding his career decisions, especially in relation to potential moves to different leagues. Despite interest from Turkey during his time at Rangers, concrete bids only materialized from China and France. Morelos had hoped to secure a move to one of Europe’s top five leagues by seeing out his contract, but offers from clubs in Russia and Azerbaijan emerged instead, despite ongoing rumors of a return to Glasgow.

His stint at Santos, although initially exciting, has been marred by fitness issues and injuries, limiting his playing time. The prospect of Santos considering offers for Morelos, even on a loan-to-buy deal, might be appealing to the club due to financial constraints, despite his recent wage cut.

Despite the challenges, Morelos’s desire to return to Europe is evident, as confirmed by his agent shortly after signing for Santos. However, the specific interest in moving to Russia raises eyebrows, especially given the restrictions imposed on Russian clubs by FIFA and UEFA.

There seems to be a recurring theme of questionable advice influencing Morelos’s career decisions, both during his time at Rangers and now at Santos. At 27 years old, he should prioritize focusing on playing football and scoring goals, rather than being swayed by external factors. Consulting with former teammate Ryan Kent, who experienced playing in Turkey, might provide valuable insights into the potential challenges of such a move.



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