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Speaking about the ownership issue, Reading FC manager Ruben Selles said, “We can’t cope anymore.”



Reading FC manager Ruben Selles acknowledged that because of off-field problems, his team members and employees are unable to handle the “chaos and uncertainty.”

Under the rule of Dai Yongge, who is presently in talks to sell the club, everyone associated with the organization has had to endure a protracted ownership saga.

However, as long as Dai is still in charge of the team, the employees, players, and supporters will still have to put up with off-field distractions. The most recent one is a proposed sale of Bearwood Park Training Ground to League One rivals Wycombe Wanderers.despartae to the club’s sale.

“I respond in the same way. As for the possible sale of Bearwood, Selles responded, “It’s getting to the point where I warned you a couple of weeks ago that we can’t manage with those things anymore.”

“The days of talking about pep talks, controlling the controllables, and concentrating on your thing are over.

“There has been too much going on around us, and it must end sometime.

“People are leaving us because we cannot handle the instability and unpredictability in the way that we are handling it.

“This week, a member of the medical staff requested to visit a different club since we are failing to provide a safe environment for our members.”

Although rumors of the club being in advanced talks with a North American investment company over a takeover followed the news of the possible sale of Bearwood, Selles expressed respect to his staff and players for being able to concentrate on Saturday’s match against Cambridge United.

The Royals’ commanding 4-0 victory over Cambridge United allowed them to go farther clear of the League One relegation zone.

“The only thing we have right now is the football bubble we constructed with the players and the fans, and we are asking for calmness around us,” Selles went on. Not a thing more.

“On Thursday and Friday, there was a lot of chaos, but we still managed to stay focused on the game, prepare properly, and secure a crucial victory.”



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