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SAD NEWS: Celtic Head coach announced a heartbreaking News About a Player….



Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed the three aspects of management that he improved after his disastrous six-month spell in charge at Reading.

Rodgers took over from Steve Coppell in June 2009 but managed just five league wins during his tenure at the Madejski Stadium and left in December of that year with the club just one place clear of the relegation zone in the Championship

But he rejuvenated his career at Swansea, leading the Welsh club to the Premier League, after changing the way in which he dealt with certain aspects of his job.

In extracts from a new book called The Manager, which Rodgers has contributed to, published in the Telegraph, he said: ‘First, I became much more open in my communication. I started speaking to players like men and not boys, and I expected them to speak to me like a man. I became straightforward with them – not waiting six months to tell them something that I know now.

Secondly, I committed to provide more quality in my work. I would study, prepare, go into detail in my planning and preparation to ensure that the players were as prepared as possible.

‘And thirdly I would be much more ambitious: for the club’s success, for the players’ success and for my own success – in that order.’


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