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REPORT: Pittsburgh Steelers to fire Mike Tomlin due to……



Former Scout Encourages Steelers to Fire Mike Tomlin

Not everyone agrees that the Pittsburgh Steelers should keep their head coach.

Not everyone believes that the Pittsburgh Steelers’ non-losing seasons and consistency are enough to keep head coach Mike Tomlin.

Former NFL scout John Middlekauff does not. Speaking on his podcast, Three and Out, Middlekauff stated that the Steelers should have fired Tomlin during the season due to the team’s lack of success outside of non-losing records, and that if Pittsburgh wants to get out of its rut, moving on is the best option.

“I thought they should’ve moved on from Tomlin last year,” Middlekauff explained. “As I mentioned, it’s time for a fresh start… I believe the Steelers are in a bit of trouble. They’re not going to be terrible, but I think they’ll fall into the same category as before.”

John Middlekauff Isn't Screwing Around | Barrett Media

The Steelers most likely never considered firing Tomlin, and it may take much more than a “rut” for them to move on from a Hall of Fame-worthy coach. However, critics have continued to appear, and to some extent, this is justified.

With Pittsburgh having not won a playoff game in several years, Tomlin faces increased pressure to take this team to the next level. And in 2024, all eyes will be on him to do exactly that – and silence critics who believe he should be removed.


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