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Record deal: A “bad” dude who made twice as much as Wallace wiped out West Brom



West Bromwich Albion faced significant financial challenges during their 2017/18 relegation campaign from the Premier League to the Championship. Among the high-earning players on the books during that challenging season was Daniel Sturridge, who was on loan from Liverpool and earning a hefty £130,000 per week. Despite his high salary, Sturridge failed to make a significant impact, making only six appearances for West Brom and failing to score any goals during his time at the club.

However, it was Nacer Chadli who may have been considered an even more disappointing signing for West Brom. The club paid Tottenham Hotspur a club record fee of £13 million to acquire the Belgian midfielder’s services. Chadli’s hefty wage across two turbulent seasons, which amounted to twice the salary of some other players at the club, did not translate into the desired on-field success. As a result, Chadli’s tenure at West Brom is not remembered fondly by supporters or club officials, especially considering the financial strain his signing imposed on the club during a challenging period.


Nacer Chadli’s wage at West Brom

Nacer Chadli’s tenure at West Bromwich Albion can indeed be characterized as a significant disappointment, particularly considering his limited impact despite his hefty price tag and wages. While he showed moments of quality in his first season with five goals and five assists from 32 appearances in all competitions, his subsequent struggles with injuries and lack of consistent performance led to his decline as a Baggies player.

Chadli’s failure to live up to expectations at West Brom is compounded by his relatively successful stint at Tottenham Hotspur, where he also faced criticism for inconsistency. Despite flashes of brilliance, particularly during his first season at West Brom, Chadli’s inability to maintain form and fitness ultimately overshadowed any positive contributions he made to the team.

The decision to increase Chadli’s wages after his promising first campaign now appears to be a costly error for West Brom, especially considering his minimal impact in subsequent seasons and his eventual departure to AS Monaco. In hindsight, West Brom may regret the financial investment they made in Chadli, given the lack of return on their investment and the challenges it posed to the club during a tumultuous period.

Nacer Chadli’s wage compared to the current West Brom squad

Nacer Chadli’s staggering £60,000-per-week salary would indeed make him the highest earner at West Bromwich Albion at present, surpassing Adam Reach, who earns £20,000 less per week. Despite his hefty salary, Chadli’s contribution to the team has been minimal compared to other players who earn significantly less.

For instance, Chadli’s earnings are double that of former Millwall player Jed Wallace, despite Wallace’s significant contributions to the team as captain under head coach Carlos Corberan. Wallace’s impressive record of four goals and five assists from 38 games highlights his importance to the team, making Chadli’s high salary seem disproportionate to his on-field performance.

West Brom’s highest earners – 2023/24
1. Adam Reach £40k per week
2. Daryl Dike £32.3k per week
3. Jed Wallace £25k per week
4. Okay Yokuslu £25k per week
5. Alex Mowatt £22.8k per week
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The wage disparities within West Bromwich Albion’s squad, particularly in contrast to Nacer Chadli’s substantial salary, highlight the club’s shift towards more prudent financial management. Trusted midfielders Okay Yokuslu and Alex Mowatt, despite their importance to the team, earn significantly less than Chadli, indicating a more measured approach to player contracts based on performance rather than past reputation alone.

However, the case of Daryl Dike serves as a reminder of the risks associated with transfer deals. Despite being one of the highest earners at the club, Dike has struggled with injuries, resulting in limited appearances for West Bromwich Albion over three seasons. This situation underscores the challenges clubs face when investing in players who may not consistently contribute on the pitch due to fitness concerns or other factors.

Indeed, the focus for West Brom fans is likely on the current crop of players who are pushing for promotion back to the Premier League. While Nacer Chadli’s time at the club may not be remembered fondly, supporters are more interested in backing the current squad and their efforts to secure promotion. With a new set of players driving the team forward, West Brom fans will be hopeful and optimistic about the club’s prospects of returning to the top flight soon.


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