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Ranking the 10 Best Bears Safeties of All Time



The departure of Eddie Jackson due to salary cap reasons marks another significant change for the Chicago Bears. With Jackson’s exit, Jaylon Johnson becomes the sole remaining player who started for the Bears during their 3-4 defense era. Jackson’s departure leaves behind a legacy, as he was the last remaining player from the defense that led the Bears to the 2018 playoffs and clinched the NFC North title. His interception of Aaron Rodgers in the end zone during that season remains a memorable moment in Bears history, although ironically, he missed the subsequent playoff game against Philadelphia due to an injury sustained during the interception return.

Jackson’s playmaking ability earned him recognition, including the team’s first ballhawk award in 2022, despite missing several games due to a foot injury. His departure leaves a void that the Bears may need to address through the draft or free agency.

Reflecting on the history of Bears safeties, here are the top 10 safeties of all time as ranked by BearDigest:

10. Shaun Gayle (1984-1994)
9. Doug Plank (1975-1982)
8. George McAfee (1940-1941, 1945-1950)
7. Eddie Jackson (2017-2023)
6. Mark Carrier (1990-1996)
5. Dave Duerson (1983-1989)
4. Mike Brown (2000-2008)
3. Rosey Taylor (1961-1969)
2. Richie Petitbon (1959-1968)
1. Gary Fencik (1976-1987)

Each of these safeties made significant contributions to the Bears’ defense throughout their careers, leaving behind a lasting legacy in the franchise’s history.


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