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West Bromwich Albion

Proud West Brom owner Shilen Patel sees “endless promise” in the future.



After taking over West Bromwich Albion in February, Shilen Patel is one of those people who is thrilled about the “limitless possibilities” of the future. Having previously owned shares in Serie A team Bologna, Patel—whose family is well-known in Florida for their generosity and ability to create opportunities—realized a dream when he bought Albion.

After purchasing Guochuan Lai’s 87.8% stake in Bilkul Football WBA, Patel has already allayed Albion’s immediate financial worries at the group level by repaying the Wisdom Smart loan he inherited when he purchased the team. At the club level, Patel has already demonstrated a greater interest in interacting with employees and outside media. He has also made an effort to attend games.

After bringing happiness and solace to the supporters of Albertion upon his arrival, Patel now looks ahead. When he talks about the future, he emphasizes the importance of using the past and one’s legacy as a base for the future and then building upon it since it is the only use for a foundation.

“The future is the most exciting thing in the world,” he declared. “My life’s path has shown me that I am ultimately responsible for what occurs next. Every individual can attest to that. It’s critical to embrace what lies ahead. Even while our background and history help to lay a foundation for us, a foundation can only be expanded upon.

“That building holds the key to the future. The seemingly endless possibilities of the future have always thrilled me, and I believe that this is what motivates me to seize any opportunity. The knowledge that everything is possible in the future if I can just imagine it and find collaborators, is what motivates me to be creative.

“My passion is business.” I love it as a sport,” Patel went on. “I’ve found joy in every aspect of developing an organization, forming a vision, and collaborating with others to achieve a goal. I adore everything about business’s universality and how having a business skill set frees you from industry or geographic limitations.

“Working with people who are passionate about a particular industry, whether it be technology, sports, hospitality, or real estate, has allowed me to apply my skills and knowledge to new arenas with incredibly capable people. That’s the great thing business has offered me in my life,” the speaker said. “My passion for business and career in business have been my passport to incredible experiences and opportunities and they’ve given me the ability to be a part of great things, things that I myself might not be able to execute or operate.”



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