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Pittsburgh Steelers expected to explore adding Pro Bowl QB this offseason



The potential interest of the Pittsburgh Steelers in signing Ryan Tannehill this offseason, as reported by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, suggests that the Steelers are considering options to bolster their quarterback position. Tannehill, who is set to become a free agent after five seasons with the Tennessee Titans, brings a wealth of experience, having started for his team in 10 out of his 11 NFL seasons.

One of the factors that make Tannehill an appealing option for the Steelers is his previous connection with their new offensive coordinator, Arthur Smith. Tannehill played under Smith for two seasons from 2019 to 2020 while with the Titans, and those years were considered among the best in Tannehill’s career. Notably, Tannehill earned a Pro Bowl selection during this time, indicating the success he experienced under Smith’s offensive system.

Given Tannehill’s familiarity with Smith’s coaching style and offensive schemes, the Steelers may view him as a quarterback who can quickly adapt to their system and provide stability at the position. Additionally, Tannehill’s track record of performance and leadership qualities could make him an attractive option for the Steelers as they seek to address their quarterback needs for the upcoming season.

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Having Ryan Tannehill as a backup quarterback for D.J. Pickett could prove to be immensely beneficial for the young prospect. Despite Tannehill’s age, his wealth of experience, with over 150 regular season starts and playoff appearances, offers invaluable insight and mentorship for Pickett as he develops in his career.

Tannehill’s seasoned perspective and knowledge of the game can provide valuable feedback to Pickett, helping him navigate the challenges and intricacies of the quarterback position at the professional level. Additionally, Tannehill’s leadership qualities and work ethic can serve as a positive example for Pickett as he seeks to establish himself in the league.

Furthermore, having a player of Tannehill’s caliber as a backup plan provides reassurance for the team. In the event of injuries or unforeseen circumstances, Tannehill’s experience and skillset make him a reliable option to step in and lead the team if needed.

Overall, having Ryan Tannehill as a mentor and backup quarterback offers both guidance and security for D.J. Pickett and the team as they navigate the upcoming season.



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