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Pittsburgh Steelers emerge as betting favorites for Russell Wilson



Russell Wilson is still with the Denver Broncos, but as NFL free agency approaches, it’s probable that action will take place soon as the NFL Combine heats up. The nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback will eventually be placed on waivers, as teams throughout the league recognize, even if the Broncos would like to trade Wilson rather than cut him.

This offseason, Wilson has a lot of options for free agency, but certain teams might be more interested in the 35-year-old quarterback than others. The Pittsburgh Steelers, a club that never really goes out of the race, might be included in that mix.

Will Russell Wilson be joining the Pittsburgh Steelers?

As per the most recent betting odds from The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently the front-runners to sign Russell Wilson this offseason, according to DraftKings.

Fans of the Steelers who are hoping that Wilson signs with the team shouldn’t have too much hope. Although the general population isn’t any more informed than betting insiders, it’s still an intriguing idea to consider.

Adjustments are required when your team finishes with the fifth-lowest scoring offense in the NFL, like the Steelers did. With Arthur Smith joining the Steelers as offensive coordinator, the offense ought to get better, but do they have a franchise quarterback?

The results of the eye test indicate no. Although both Mason Rudolph and Kenny Pickett showed glimpses of their brilliance, does anyone really believe they could compete with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs?

A player like Wilson might be there regarded as a breakthrough in Pittsburgh. Mike Tomlin has always had a strong defense, but the offense hasn’t lived up to expectations since Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement.

For the Steelers, taking a bet on the former Super Bowl champion’s remaining energy is a low-risk move, particularly if he intends to pay Denver $38 million in 2024 for signing for the veteran minimum in order to get revenge on the Broncos.


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