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NFL execs see potential for the Bears to fetch a valuable asset in a trade for Justin Fields.



The Athletic recently conducted a poll among eight NFL coaches and executives to assess Justin Fields’ trade value this offseason. According to the insights gathered, the consensus among most respondents is that the Chicago Bears could secure a second- or third-round pick for Fields, although opinions varied.

Jeff Howe, summarizing the feedback, mentioned that one executive suggested a second-rounder or equivalent value in a package involving a third- and fifth-round pick. Two other executives believed the return could range between a second- and third-round pick, contingent on the pick’s position in the round. Another perspective suggested a 2025 third-round pick that could potentially escalate to a second-rounder based on specific statistical benchmarks.

However, two outliers emerged from the poll. One coach suggested that a first-round pick might be plausible due to “supply and demand,” emphasizing the urgency for the Bears to trade Fields before the opening of NFL free agency on March 13. The other outlier was a coach who expressed a willingness to offer only a third-round pick for Fields, with an executive hinting at undisclosed reasons for the Bears’ decision to move on from him.

Adam Schefter, a prominent NFL reporter, shared his perspective on “The Pat McAfee Show,” suggesting that Fields’ compensation could fall between what Alex Smith and Sam Darnold received. Drawing a comparison to Darnold, who was traded by the Jets to the Panthers in 2021 for a sixth-round pick in 2021, a second-round pick in 2022, and a fourth-round pick in 2022, Schefter noted that it would be a favorable return for a quarterback the Bears might no longer need.

General manager Ryan Poles indicated a preference for expeditious decision-making, expressing a desire to do right by Fields if the Bears opt for a trade. Poles emphasized the organization’s commitment to swift action and informed decision-making, acknowledging the discomfort of uncertainty and the need to act in the best interests of the team.

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