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Newell on the scathing verdict that should hurt Hibs the most



The article discusses the disappointment and frustration experienced by Hibernian (Hibs) following their home defeat against St Mirren. The defeat was characterized by a lackluster performance, leading to a significant setback for Hibs in their season.

Joe Newell, the Hibs captain, openly acknowledged the team’s shortcomings, agreeing with manager Nick Montgomery’s assessment that they were “outfought, outrun, and outcompeted” by St Mirren. Newell emphasized the absence of fight and desire in their performance, expressing his disappointment in the team falling short of the required standards, particularly in the “ugly side of the game.”

Newell emphasized the need for soul-searching and discussions within the dressing room, acknowledging that questioning one’s fight and desire is particularly hurtful for a footballer. He stressed the importance of addressing these issues before focusing on other aspects of the game.

The article highlights the upcoming challenging fixtures for Hibs, including matches against Celtic and Inverness Caledonian Thistle in the Scottish Cup. Despite the difficult schedule, Newell believes that a turnaround is possible with a positive run of results, acknowledging the potential impact of the January transfer window signings.

The team is set for a thorough debrief and analysis of their performance, and Newell expresses confidence that the new signings can still contribute positively to the team despite the recent setback.

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In the aftermath of Hibernian’s disappointing performance against St Mirren, Joe Newell acknowledged the team’s struggles, labeling it as a “bad day” with a “dreadful first half.” He expressed the sentiment that the team is making things difficult for themselves and emphasized the need to turn things around.

Despite the challenging situation, Newell believes that the team still has a chance to improve their standing in the league. He highlighted the potential for a positive transformation with a couple of wins, acknowledging the significant changes and influx of quality players during the January transfer window. Newell stressed that the first-half performance was not attributed to the new players bedding in and that the team has the talent and quality to reverse their fortunes in a crucial part of the season.

Reflecting on the match, Newell pointed out that the new players now have a firsthand experience of the intensity and competitiveness of the Scottish league. He emphasized the need for Hibs to meet the standard and bare minimum of effort, fight, and determination displayed by teams in the league. Despite the setback, Newell remains optimistic about the team’s potential to bounce back and make a positive impact in the remaining fixtures of the season.



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