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Manager of Sunderland Mike Dodds responds to a contentious call during Southampton’s loss



In an attempt to snap Sunderland’s losing streak, Mike Dodds says the team has made two crucial decisions that have gone against them this week, but he won’t focus on either.

The Black Cats believed they had a great opportunity to tie the score in stoppage time on Tuesday night against Leicester City, as Dan Ballard appeared to be fouled by Hamza Choudhury while he was breaking through on goal. After that, there was debate at St. Mary’s when Adam Armstrong scored from the penalty spot even though it looked like he kicked the ball with his standing leg at first.

Despite the hosts’ dominance of the game up to that moment, Hide Ad Sundland thought the goal should have been disallowed, keeping the score at 1-0 for the hosts.

He acknowledged that officiating is a tough job for humans, so mistakes are inevitable. “Yeah, the whole refereeing thing is a difficult one for me,” he remarked.

“The other night, we were denied two penalties; Armstrong’s penalty should have been chalked off, but I won’t publicly criticize because that’s not who I am. My tendency is to give Sunderland and ourselves our whole attention; sometimes those choices work out well for you, and other times they don’t. Two crucial judgments have gone against us in the last two games. I can’t change it right now, but I can attempt to get better when I return to the training field on Monday.”



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