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Man Utd legend slams Premier League’s £925m decision delay that will impact Sunderland, Leeds & Co



Manchester United star and co-owner of Salford, Gary Neville, has charged the Premier League with neglecting the rest of English football.

He has called the inability to reach an agreement on fresh finance for the NFL a “absolute disgrace,” launching a biting attack.

The London shareholders’ meeting on Monday concluded without an offer being made because elite clubs believe that negotiating a new financial structure to replace the existing PSRs (profitability and sustainability standards) should take precedence. With an estimated value of up to £925 million, Premier League teams convened on Monday to vote on a new six-year contract that would see revenue trickle down to the EFL. However, due to continued concerns about profitability and sustainability rules (PSR), that conversation was postponed in favor of changing their own financial standards.

Neville told Sky Sports, “I am more interested in the vote they did not have, which was to support the rest of the Football League, which they keep banging down the road and it’s an utter disgrace.”

The sustainability of the entire league and the well-being of the game are at stake. Currently, the Premier League is being careless in their dismissive behavior, simply putting it off and hoping that a regulator would take care of it eventually. In the meantime, they are doing nothing.

“It just shows to me that they are not taking proper care of the entire game, which is not good governance.” Every time I watch them having a Premier League meeting and appear to take care of themselves but not the rest of football, it enrages me.

When the PA news agency contacted the Premier League for a response to Neville’s comments, the league, which had previously stated its position in a statement, remained silent.

Although the government has stated time and time again that it wants the football authorities to reach a new financial settlement amongst themselves, it has also issued a warning that the new independent regulator’s “backstop” powers may force them to do so. The EFL has not yet responded.

Regarding the meeting, what has the Premier League said?

“At a Premier League shareholders’ meeting today, clubs agreed to prioritise the quick creation and implementation of a new league-wide financial system,” a Premier League spokesperson stated on Monday night. This will give clubs financial stability for the future and guarantee that the Premier League can continue to make the largest investment in the game at all levels.

Premier League teams also reaffirmed their intention to obtaining a financially sustainable arrangement with the EFL in conjunction with this, provided that clubs publicly ratify the new financial system. The league and its clubs also reiterated their long-standing and continuous dedication to the game, which consists of distributing £1.6 billion to football at all levels over the current three-year cycle. The major financial contributions from the Premier League go into supporting women’s and girls’ football, the grassroots of the sport, and all NFL and National League teams.



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