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Leo Hjelde makes Sunderland admission Leeds United are unlikely to agree with



Leo Hjelde’s perspective on Sunderland’s squad strength compared to his former team, Leeds United, offers valuable insight into the quality and potential of the Black Cats despite their position in the league standings.

Hjelde, who recently joined Sunderland on loan from Leeds United, expressed confidence in the talent and potential of his new teammates. Despite the age difference and perhaps less experience in Sunderland’s squad compared to Leeds’, Hjelde believes that the quality of players at Sunderland is on par with that of his former club.

His assessment emphasizes the club’s philosophy of signing young and promising talent, indicating that Sunderland’s squad is filled with players who possess the ability to compete at a high level in the Championship. Hjelde’s positive remarks about Sunderland’s squad cohesion and talent suggest that the team has the potential to achieve success, despite their current position in the league table.

Furthermore, Hjelde’s belief in Sunderland’s ability to secure a play-off spot reflects the team’s aspirations and determination to compete at the highest level. As they sit in eighth place, just one point outside the play-off spots, Sunderland will rely on the quality and potential of their squad to push for promotion.

Overall, Hjelde’s perspective highlights the importance of optimism, teamwork, and belief in the squad’s abilities as Sunderland strives for success in the Championship.



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