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Leicester City will hope that West Brom prevails in the £27.9 million transfer competition.



While it’s true that occasionally we make rash purchases with our money, Islam Slimani’s summer 2016 move to Leicester City was undoubtedly not a well-planned decision.

After surprising everyone by winning the Premier League, the Foxes were undoubtedly in a jubilant mood, especially because a significant portion of their riches went into signing the Algerian striker to King Power Stadium.

After an incredible 48 goals in 82 league games for Sporting Lisbon in Portugal, the then-28-year-old’s reputation was high. However, the striker struggled to replicate that form in the English competition, barely finding double figures throughout his time at City.

Leicester will wish to put Slimani’s arrival during a summer of festivities behind them, as West Bromwich Albion, a fellow top division team, is also in the running to recruit the attacker that summer for a cost close to £30 million.

Islam Slimani joins Premier League champions Leicester City

Slimani would have been well-received when he arrived at King Power Stadium, having scored twice in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and found the net frequently in the Primeira Liga.

The Foxes used their newfound ability to acquire players to give themselves the advantage over the Baggies, with the promise of playing in Europe further sweetening the pot. There was a lot of competition over who would be the first to sign the attacking potential.

This season, Abdul Fatawu has stood out for Leicester City.

With high expectations after their incredible title triumph the previous season, the forward had a lot of responsibility on his shoulder when he began playing for his new team after flying over to England as the club’s record signing at the time.

The following campaign brought Foxes supporters back to Earth with a bump as the Premier League winners found it too difficult to defend their championship while competing on the continent.

With just two goals in his career before Christmas, Slimani bore the weight of the harsh reality check that loomed over the Foxes after failing to build on his debut brace against Burnley.

The new City striker’s nine goals across all competitions fell short of expectations as his team could only manage a 12th-place finish, with his playing style looking mismatched to Claudi Ranieri’s strategy before the Italian was benched in the second half of the season.

Islam Slimani Leicester City record (all competitions)
Appearances 47
Starts 23
Goals 13
Source: Soccerbase

The next season, Slimani made a pitiful 12 top flight appearances and Foxes supporters started to view him as a busted flush, his large price tag hanging over his head and weighing him down.

His only goal for the team came against the relegation-threatening Huddersfield before the January transfer window, and he concluded the season with a brief stint with Newcastle United.

Islami Sliman Deals on loan for Fenerbahce, Monaco, Newcastle United

Slimani’s time at Newcastle United also encountered difficulties, with an off-the-ball incident resulting in a suspension, further complicating his spell in the Premier League. This incident may have validated West Bromwich Albion’s decision not to pursue him aggressively.

The summer of 2018 marked a clear desire from both Slimani and his clubs to part ways, highlighting a lack of fit between player and team. Slimani’s rapid movements between clubs, from Leicester City to Fenerbahce, indicate a turbulent period in his career.

His stint in Turkey yielded limited success, with only one goal scored during his time at Fenerbahce, emphasizing the challenges he faced during that period. However, Slimani managed to regain his scoring touch with Monaco, where he found the net nine times in 18 appearances during the subsequent season.

This rollercoaster journey showcases the unpredictability of football careers, with Slimani experiencing highs and lows across different clubs and leagues.

Islam Slimani 1920

The narrative paints a picture of Slimani’s journey from being a forgotten figure at Leicester City to his subsequent moves across various clubs around the world. His shock inclusion in a squad after a long absence and subsequent departure to Lyon seemed to bring closure to a chapter for both player and club, albeit without any significant benefit for either party.

The commentary suggests that Leicester City may rue the lack of return on their investment in Slimani, particularly given their reported financial difficulties. His move to Lyon, followed by subsequent transfers to clubs like Stade Brest, Anderlecht, and Cortiba, highlights a decline in his career trajectory.

For Leicester City, Slimani’s inability to make a meaningful impact, especially considering their aspirations to compete at the top of the table, may be seen as a missed opportunity. His potential usefulness for a club battling relegation, like West Brom, is contrasted with his failure to meet expectations at Leicester.

Overall, the narrative reflects on Slimani’s journey as emblematic of both his own career struggles and Leicester City’s challenges, emphasizing the contrasting fortunes of clubs and players in the unpredictable world of football.



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