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Key player | I’m always searching for my best



Grady Diangana feels that following a successful 2023–2024 season thus far, he’s in “a good spot.”

The talented attacker, who spent the majority of January representing DR Congo at AFCON, has seven goals and eight assists in the Sky Bet Championship with three games still to play.

Even though Diangana expressed satisfaction with his performance this season, he believes there is still “room for development” heading into the pivotal final few games.

Grady said, “I always try to do my best to obtain my best performance level.” “However, I think I’m doing well, particularly when it comes to supporting the team and scoring goals and assists, which is what matters most.

Grady Diangana.

Reflecting on the past few seasons, I’ve undergone significant personal growth and learning experiences. Despite not meeting my goals in terms of performance and goal tally, each season has contributed to my maturity and development as a player.

This season, in particular, has been about integrating everything I’ve learned and applying it on the field. I feel like I’m approaching the game differently, enjoying it more, and expressing myself in new ways.

However, I’m also aware that there’s always room for improvement. I’m constantly striving to reach my full potential and be the best version of myself on the pitch.

An image of Carlos Corberán walking down the touchline at The Hawthorns

One man the 25-year-old hails as having made an “impact” this season is Baggies boss Carlos Corberán.

The Spaniard has masterminded Albion to a top-six challenge throughout the term, though Diangana says his work goes far beyond the league table.

“He’s had a massive impact,” he said.

“Especially with the mental side of things, he’s helped me to grow as a person.

“A lot of the individual meetings we have has really opened my eyes with certain things about how powerful the mind can be.

“It’s helped me to grow and have a keep-going mentality to make sure you’re there, even in the tough moments and have the same mindset during those times.”

Grady Diangana.

Having strength in depth across the front line has been crucial to Albion’s success on the pitch, as highlighted by Grady. The team boasts a wealth of quality and hard-working individuals, particularly in the attacking positions.

The emphasis placed by the manager on the front players to consistently deliver has been evident throughout the season. This expectation has spurred the players on, knowing that they possess the talent and ability to create opportunities and make a difference in matches.

The collaborative effort and synergy among the front line have been instrumental in the team’s achievements, with players complementing each other’s strengths and contributing to the collective success. It has been a source of pride for Grady and his teammates to work together and showcase their abilities on the field, resulting in a rewarding season for the team.



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