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Jordan Crowther reveals details of collapsed Castleford Tigers deal and permanent Warrington Wolves switch



Jordan Crowther, a forward for the Warrington Wolves, found himself in the middle of a transfer saga last summer involving Wakefield Trinity, Castleford Tigers, and eventually Warrington Wolves. Crowther initially left Wakefield mid-season to join Warrington on a short-term loan deal. Simultaneously, he was negotiating a permanent contract with Castleford Tigers for the 2024 season.

However, complications arose when Castleford Tigers faced the threat of relegation from the Super League. The Tigers informed potential new signings, including Crowther, that they wouldn’t be able to honor their contracts if they were relegated to the Championship.

Consequently, Crowther’s plans for the future were thrown into uncertainty. Despite believing he had secured his future with Castleford, the collapse of the deal left him free to explore other options. By the time Castleford secured their survival in the Super League, Crowther had already agreed to terms with Warrington for the next two seasons.

Now, Crowther is looking forward to playing under Sam Burgess at Warrington Wolves, having resolved the uncertainty surrounding his future and committed to the club for the upcoming seasons.

Jordan Crowther reveals details of collapsed Castleford Tigers deal and permanent Warrington Wolves switch

Jordan Crowther reflects on his transition from Wakefield Trinity to Warrington Wolves, acknowledging that he felt his performance wasn’t at its peak during his time at Wakefield. He admits that there was a sense of staleness in his relationship with the club.

Crowther had already signed a contract with Castleford Tigers for two years, but the uncertainty surrounding the club’s relegation battle prevented them from honoring his contract. When he arrived at Warrington on loan, Crowther saw it as an opportunity to earn a permanent move to the club.

Daryl Powell, Warrington’s head coach at the time, presented Crowther with the opportunity to secure a contract if he could prove himself. With Josh McGuire leaving, it opened up a spot in the team, which Crowther was eager to fill.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Crowther expresses his excitement about joining a top-six club like Warrington, especially under the leadership of Sam Burgess. He acknowledges Burgess’s experience and success in the sport, making Warrington an ideal destination for a young British player like himself.

Crowther highlights that securing his future with Warrington brought a newfound sense of enjoyment and freedom to his game. He credits his improved performance at the end of last season to the fresh start and the security of knowing he had a future with the club for the next two years.

Throughout the process, Crowther had ongoing discussions with Gary Chambers, who played a key role in persuading him to stay. With Chambers transitioning into the role of director of rugby, Crowther felt confident in finalizing the deal, especially after speaking with Sam Burgess to solidify the agreement.

Overall, Crowther’s journey to Warrington Wolves showcases his resilience, determination, and eventual success in securing a promising future with the club.

Crowther learning from one of the best in new Warrington head coach Sam Burgess

Jordan Crowther is setting his sights on securing a permanent position at loose-forward for Warrington in 2024, a role that Sam Burgess excelled in during his playing career. Crowther sees Burgess, who established himself as one of the world’s best players while mastering the loose-forward position, as an ideal mentor to help elevate his game to new heights.

Crowther admires Burgess’s success, particularly during his time in the NRL, and has closely followed his career. He recognizes Burgess’s unique experience as one of the few English players to excel in the NRL and views him as a valuable resource for advice and guidance.

One of the advantages of playing under Burgess’s coaching is his recent experience as a player. Crowther appreciates Burgess’s understanding of the game and his ability to relate to the challenges and nuances of playing loose-forward, the position Crowther aims to master.

Burgess’s openness and willingness to share his insights make him an invaluable mentor for Crowther. Crowther believes that Burgess’s fresh perspective and deep understanding of the game make him an excellent resource for improving his own skills and knowledge of the position.

Overall, Crowther sees Burgess as an ideal coach and mentor to help him achieve his goals and aspirations, particularly in solidifying his role as a key player in the loose-forward position for Warrington Wolves in the upcoming season.



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