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Johnny Manziel acknowledges his failure to live up to Skip Bayless’s prediction of surpassing LeBron James, leading to an apology.



Former quarterback Johnny Manziel expressed remorse for not meeting the expectations set by sports commentator Skip Bayless during his time at Texas A&M and with the Cleveland Browns. In an interview on Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe, Manziel acknowledged disappointing Bayless and other supporters. Despite Bayless passionately defending him during challenging times on First Take, Manziel’s career was overshadowed by personal struggles with addiction and financial mismanagement.

Manziel also expressed regret for letting down close confidantes and business partners like LeBron James, Maverick Carter, and Drake. He admitted to being selfish during that period and acknowledged the negative impact on those around him.

Reflecting on Bayless’s infamous prediction that Manziel would surpass LeBron James in Cleveland, Manziel expressed love for Bayless and a sense of letting him down. The interview provided a cathartic experience for Manziel, similar to the Netflix documentary released last year, as he opened up about his pain, regrets, and hopes for healing.

The text also mentions Bayless’s past prediction, highlighting Manziel’s career disappointment with the Browns, while LeBron James returned to lead the Cavaliers to an NBA title in 2016. Fan reactions vary, with some finding humor in the notion of Manziel surpassing LeBron and others appreciating Manziel’s openness and apology.

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