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Jack Clarke injury latest ahead of Sunderland game against Plymouth



In a pre-match conversation at Home Park, Plymouth, Plymouth Argyle manager Ian Foster and Coventry City manager Mark Robins engaged in a discussion about their respective experiences in football management.

Robins expressed genuine interest in the challenges faced by other managers, their coping mechanisms, and the different approaches adopted by various clubs. He highlighted the significance of stability, particularly in his own tenure at Coventry City, and emphasized the importance of realistic goals and ambitions for clubs and managers alike. Robins stressed the need for incremental improvement, acknowledging the necessity of time and continuity to achieve success.

Reflecting on the current season, Robins recognized the achievement of being in contention for the playoffs, especially considering the significant turnover in personnel during the summer transfer window. He noted the competitive nature of the league and the challenges posed by other ambitious teams vying for similar goals.

Robins underlined the ongoing process of building and improving the team, acknowledging the contributions of both existing and new players. He emphasized the need for patience and persistence in achieving long-term success, emphasizing the importance of staying true to the incremental process despite external expectations.

As he approaches his seventh year in charge of Coventry City, Robins highlighted the club’s progress over time and expressed optimism for the future. He emphasized the excitement of being part of a dynamic and evolving process, recognizing the potential for success in the near future.



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