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“I’m heartbroken to disclose,” Sunderland player says of the tragic news.



recent injury to Jenson Seelt

The 20-year-old, who joined Wearside from PSV, has made 17 league appearances for the Black Cats during his first season there.


The most recent of these events occurred on the south coast, as Mike Dodds’ squad lost to the Saints 4-2, their sixth straight loss in the championship.

To make matters worse, Seelt resorted to Instagram to disclose that he had sustained a knee injury, suggesting that they may have been without him for some time.

I’m heartbroken to announce that I hurt my knee during the Southampton match. I’m going to be absent for a while because this caught me off guard. I must put all of my attention into my recuperation for the time being in order to return stronger and better than before.

“Every challenge we face in life offers us opportunities to learn and transform it into something positive.”

Although he hasn’t revealed the precise nature of the issue, it is reasonable to assume that he has suffered an ACL injury, which would require him to miss a significant portion of the upcoming season as well. The healing process for an ACL injury often takes nine to twelve months.

Sunderland's Stadium of Light

Sunderland’s problems are not over

First of all, you have a lot of compassion for Seelt because no player wants to be hurt, and based on his statements, it sounds like he has a serious injury that will require extensive rehabilitation before he can return to the field.

That being said, despite the terrible news, he conveyed a positive message and made it plain that he would be returning to the field as soon as possible.



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