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‘I’d be surprised…’ – Finance Expert reacts to Patel reports at West Brom after takeover



Dan Plumley has stated that, following the confirmation of his takeover, he would be shocked if Shilen Patel were to take Carlos Corberan’s place at West Brom.

It seems that earlier reports suggesting Ivan Juric as a potential candidate for the managerial position at The Hawthorns have been denied by the new owner. This denial suggests that there may not be an immediate change in management at West Bromwich Albion.

A football finance expert, considering the current situation of the club and its performance under current manager Corberan, suggests that it would be prudent to allow the season to play out before making any managerial changes. With West Bromwich Albion firmly in contention for the playoffs and displaying positivity on the pitch, shaking up the managerial setup at this point may not be justified.

The expert suggests that if there are plans for changes in the future, they could be more understandable if the current season does not end with promotion. However, making such changes right now, amidst the ongoing campaign, might not be the best course of action.

In summary, it appears that the new ownership is not considering an immediate managerial change, and the focus is on letting the current season progress and evaluating the club’s position at its conclusion.

Carlos Corberan

As West Brom manager, Carlos Corberan has done a fantastic job.

Will Carlos Corberan depart from West Brom?

It’s a relief to hear that the speculation surrounding the future of the Spanish manager has been put to rest. With Corberan staying put, it paves the way for stability and continuity at the club.

The upcoming meeting between Corberan and Patel presents an opportunity to chart a clear and constructive path forward for West Bromwich Albion. With the ownership situation now clarified, the focus can shift to collaborative planning and ensuring the best outcomes for the club and its stakeholders.



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