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‘I would love to…’: Will Still now drops biggest hint yet on future amid links to Sunderland



Will Still has made it clear that he is open to a move to the Championship, with Sunderland showing interest in acquiring him during the summer transfer window.

Just two months ago, Sunderland was heavily linked with Still, who currently manages Reims, after parting ways with Tony Mowbray at the beginning of December. Reports suggested that Still was eager for a switch to Sunderland, despite Reims’ competitive position in the European race this season.

However, the deal fell through due to the significant compensation fee associated with Still, leaving Sunderland supporters disappointed when Michael Beale was appointed instead.

Nevertheless, following Beale’s departure, Sunderland has quickly turned their attention back to Still, with Kristjaan Speakman aiming to secure a permanent successor by the end of the season.

Having begun his coaching career with Preston North End U14s, Still has expressed his desire to return to England at some point. Although he maintains that nothing substantial materialized between himself and Sunderland, he has hinted at potential interest in joining the Black Cats this summer.

In an interview with The Athletic, Still stated, “I would have no qualms about working for a Championship team. What I’ve come to understand and realize is the importance of people and finding the right environment for my career. I may have some unconventional methods, but if there’s an ambitious Championship club willing to work collaboratively and strive for success, I would be enthusiastic about the opportunity.”

Paris Saint-Germain v Stade Reims - Ligue 1

“The Premier League is undoubtedly the pinnacle for any manager globally. However, I’m not in a hurry. It’s not about feeling compelled to join the Premier League or a specific club if I come to England. If the right opportunity presents itself and it aligns with my aspirations, I’d be equally content with that.

“I’ve never been one to meticulously plan out my career or set strict timelines. Instead, I prefer to wait for opportunities to arise, assess how they resonate with me, and then make decisions accordingly.”

Why Sunderland could be rejected by Will Still

Aside from Sunderland’s mid-table position in the Championship, another significant obstacle in securing Will Still lies in the club’s transfer policy.

The coach has been vocal about his frustrations with Reims’ transfer strategy, expressing disappointment with their approach. He stated, “I’m truly disappointed. The club tried to rationalize it as an opportunity we had to seize. I understand and respect their perspective, but I was eager to maintain ambition and challenge ourselves until the very end. It feels like we won’t get that chance now.”

Reims is known for acquiring players inexpensively and subsequently selling them to larger clubs for profit, often without much input from Still in the transfer process.

It appears that Sunderland intends to adopt a similar approach, with the upcoming summer likely marking the beginning of several key players departing the club. Given that the Black Cats boss may have limited control over incoming transfers, it remains to be seen if Still would be content with relinquishing decision-making authority to Kristjaan Speakman.




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