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Huddersfield Town head coach Andre Breitenreiter on Jonathan Hogg’s new role and a leadership message to his player



Sadly, Huddersfield Town will suffer as a result of the player known by the nickname “The General” being absent from the field for the Terriers’ crucial “do-or-die” match against Birmingham City.

Given how disastrously last weekend’s match against Swansea City went, Hogg was undoubtedly highly missed.

With his shoulder injury keeping him out of the game, Hogg will play a crucial off-field role in supporting his teammates as Town’s season is on the line and elucidating the significance of winning for everyone associated with the team.

Huddersfield Town captain Jonathan Hogg.

“After the result of his injury, he was not with the team for a week since he was depressed and needed some time for himself,” stated head coach Andre Breitenreiter.However, he is a member of the squad, and his experience is undoubtedly necessary.

Here in Town, he is a legend. Since some people have been here for a long time, they may be able to tell the others what it’s like to “live” for Town.

It is up to the other players in blue and white to stand up to the plate, both individually and collectively, and muster the leadership required to help carry Town’s fate to the final day of the season, with Hogg missing and maybe Tom Lees, who left late last weekend.

Breitenreiter says it’s a big problem both today and in the future.

“It’s one of many topics we should talk about after the season,” he continued. Who is in charge and who aspires to be in charge?

“A leader is crucial to the group in each training session; they always give it their all, and you can be sure that this is a significant deal.

“I also advise the players to give it their all in every practice if they hope to go to a higher level in the future.

“The season has not been easy because we have had a lot of injuries due to guys who are not fully fit. We also have to play with players who are not fully fit.”

If Town loses to Blues, who are two spots and two points higher in the standings, they will drop to the lower leagues.



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